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Dos and don'ts when getting an auto body estimate

May 17, 2017

Dos and don'ts when getting an auto body estimate

■ Don't have your vehicle towed to any auto body shop you're not sure is going to do the work and here's the reason why. Many shops charge a big daily storage fee that your insurance company may not pay if you don't use that job.

■ Don't let the insurance company bully you into a shop you don't want in most states you can choose the repairs for your vehicle in the shop that you want just say the shop and then they will abide.

■ Don't be fooled by the lowest estimate. Here's the way it works. Any body shop can give you an old low estimate. They know the insurance company is going to pay what they pay so at the end of the day the estimate is not the important thing. The important thing is whether that shop is reputable and will do really good work for you.

Here are some dos:

■ Do consider other auto body shops other than the ones that the insurance company recommends. You know the number one goal of an insurance company is get your vehicle repaired as quickly and cheaply as possible. If your insurance company steers you to a certain shop it's likely because they have a special arrangement with that shop to work at a reduced rate and this in itself is not always a bad thing, however, some shops cut corners to make the deadlines and just to make a profit.

Here's another do:

■ Do your research to find legitimate auto body shops. Go online. Search Google and Bing for that shop. Look at reviews. Look at complaints. This is an easy way to find out what kind of reputation that shop has. In addition, you can look at the Better Business Bureau and Facebook and Twitter.

Here's another to do:

■ Look at their website, the years in business and warranties. Most legitimate auto body shops offer a written lifetime warranty. Look at the shop itself and the employees. Is it organized and clean? Does it look like a disaster just happened? What's your first impression? Are the employees professional, courteous and helpful? All these can be indicators of a great experience or a horrible one based on what you see. How do you feel? Does it look like they're going to take care of you and your vehicle?

■ Do check the shop you are considering has rental service and shuttle service.

■ Do check the for manufacturer certificates especially for a newer vehicle. Some auto manufacturers require that body shops have a certification in order to honor the vehicle warranty.

■ Do expect when you get your return vehicle it looked like it never happened! One last hint - do check out Collision 1. Collision 1 has been in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. We have multiple shops up and down the I-5 corridor that are very convenient. We're homegrown in the Pacific Northwest