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Auto Body Repair Shop in Auburn – How to Choose?

August 19, 2020

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After a car accident, many drivers fear their vehicle may never look or function the same again. This fear is caused by the possibility of working with an ineffective collision repair auto body shop. Drivers want the peace of mind that comes from knowing their vehicle is in good hands. Unfortunately, many collision repair auto body shops betray their clients’ trust and use cheap materials, poor craftsmanship, and lackluster customer service. Not every auto body repair shop can return your car to normal after a car accident. As highly trusted collision repair shops in five locations in Washington, Collision 1 Inc. knows what it takes to provide the service needed to properly repair your car after a collision or other car accident causing damage to your vehicle.

If you know what to look for when choosing the right collision repair auto body shop, you can save yourself a lot of trouble during and after the repair process. In today’s post, Collision 1 Inc., a clear leader in the Seattle and Puget Sound collision repair industry, is going to share tips on how to choose the right auto body repair shop when searching for a collision repair auto body shop in Auburn and the Puget Sound areas.

Look for Honest Reviews

When an auto body shop doesn’t have online reviews, it’s a red flag. Collision 1 is proud of the hundreds of reviews we have received and sees reviews as an important part of building consumer trust, and if there’s a lack of reviews, or if the reviews are mostly mixed or negative, it’s usually because of these things:

They lack experience. Shops with little experience will have few reviews. When you are dealing with a problem with your vehicle, you want an auto body repair shop with years of successful experience.

They Do Poor Auto Body

If you see negative reviews, read them to see if it’s due to the quality of craftsmanship.

They Provide Bad Customer Service

Customer service is what separates the good shops from the great ones. An auto body repair shop that provides good customer care is worthy of your trust.

When you look at reviews and testimonials for Collision 1 Inc., you will notice our clients rave about our expertise, quality of work, and phenomenal customer service. This is one of the main reasons first-time customers return to us when they need important auto body work done. Over the years, thousands of customers have reviewed Collision 1 Inc. auto body repair shops. Here is a link to a page on our website that has links to the reviews for each of Collision 1 Inc’s five locations, including reviews from Auburn, Bonney Lake, and Centralia.

Many of the questions you have about the business can likely be answered if you take the time to read and analyze the reviews. Do not hire an Auburn collision repair shop without first checking if they have honest reviews. Too many unsatisfying stories can be shared by those who did not.

2. Do They Have a Repair Warranty?

A reputable Auburn auto body repair shop should provide a lifetime warranty that covers their repairs. Consider that mistakes do occur in auto body repair, and if you’re not protected by a warranty, these mistakes can be costly. In some cases, many repair shops will add on more issues than the car had before the collision. A lifetime repair warranty can put these concerns to bed. Here are some good tips if you want to find a good warranty:

Get lifetime coverage. Some problems take time to manifest, and if these problems are caused by the repair work that was done, you’d be forced to repair them out of your own pocket if the warranty expires after a certain length of time. A reputable Auburn auto body shop like our Collision 1 Inc. Auburn location will provide lifetime warranty coverage that can protect you years down the line.

Ensure it covers defects related to workmanship and materials. If your car doesn’t work as it should, or if there are some problems with its appearance, the warranty will cover the costs to repair it. At Collision 1 Inc., we have an ironclad warranty that will cover defects like chipped paint, peeling, cracking, fading, and chalking. We are a Vision One Warranty Center—only auto body shops that are certified painters will have this type of warranty.

Ensure repairs do not void your car manufacturer’s warranty. Some manufacturers will void the warranty if the correct parts are not used to repair it.

3. Do They Work with Multiple Insurance Companies?

If the Auburn auto body shop that you’re considering doesn’t work with your insurance company, you will be wasting your time. Dealing with your insurance company after an accident can be a huge headache. If the collision repair shop can work with your insurance company on your behalf, you can save time and energy. Our Auburn collision repair shop, for example, has established strong relationships with many of the leading insurance providers, and we have the expertise to handle your claim.

Your auto body repair shop should be able to…

Help you call your insurance provider (if necessary). Before the shop gets to work, you’ll need to file a claim with the insurance company. While this is something that you can do yourself, it doesn’t hurt if the auto body shop can do it for you.

If you don’t know how to deal with insurance providers, dealing with them can be a bit complicated. A good collision repair shop should be able to simplify the process, while also getting you the best result.

Properly appraise the damage. Using digital photos, the estimation is sent to the insurance company.

4. Are They Certified?

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your car in the hands of those who lack the proper certification to legally do business. Make sure their license information is visible and up to date.

For example, our Auburn auto body repair shop, as with all our repair shops has been certified through VeriFacts, and our technicians receive ongoing training through I-CAR.

Dealing with an uncertified auto body shop can be a costly, and unnecessary mistake.

5. Do They Focus on Finishing Touch?

Cosmetic work is what separates the average body repair shop from the exceptional ones. When considering an auto body shop, ask the following questions:

Will the paint match the rest of the car?

A qualified collision repair shop will be able to color match any part of your vehicle.

Do they use high-quality paint?

Your Auburn auto body repair shop cannot neglect the quality of the paint when they do their work. Before you hire them, ask the shop about the quality of their paint materials.

What’s their restoration process?

Getting a car back to how it appeared before the collision takes work. For quality work, the auto body shop needs a process that’s proven to get the job done. As an example, here’s ours:

  • Evaluate the vehicle and determine what collision repairs are needed.
  • Order replacement parts and other materials needed to provide “Auto Body Like It Never Happened”.
  • Pressure wash the vehicle. Before we paint, we must ensure the vehicle is fully cleaned.
  • Prep, prime, sand and seal the vehicle.
  • Tape and mask around the areas that are to be painted. This is to protect parts that don’t need paint.
  • Apply only quality paints using a multi-step refinishing technology.
  • Reassemble parts that were removed before the painting.
  • The goal of any auto body repair shop is to have your car look as if it was never in an accident. By answering the questions above, you will know if the body repair shop truly cares about the finishing touch.

6. Do They Give You the Terms in Writing?

Unprofessional, fly-by-night shops are notorious for doing work without giving the terms in writing. If the collision repair shop claims they’ll “pay for everything” or “cover the rental car”, you need to get these commitments in writing before you hire them. Even if you’re on the phone with your insurance adjuster or auto body repair shop, consider sending them an email confirming everything that was discussed over the phone. If they give you something to sign, take some time to look it over. Making sure you get the important details in writing can save you if you ever need to lodge a complaint.

7. How’s Customer Service?

What’s the best way to know if the body shop is a good fit? Talk with them. Are they rude and dismissive? Do they take the time to ask thoughtful questions that can help them better serve you? Working with a collision repair auto body shop with poor customer service can be a nightmare, but you can avoid this by simply talking to them to get a feel for their business. Don’t settle for just any collision repair auto body shop because you want to get the repair done as quickly as possible. Take time to vet and screen your choice. It is highly likely you will be glad you did.

A car accident can leave you wondering how your car is going to look in the future. Choosing the right Auburn auto body repair shop can ensure that your car reverts back to its former appearance and function. Collision 1 Inc. has locations in Auburn, Bonney Lake, and Centralia and we specialize in getting vehicles road-ready. Collision 1 Inc. works very hard to support our company motto, “Auto Body Like It Never Happened“ for each and every collision repair. Work with an experienced collision repair auto body shop that has the training, equipment, and expertise to get the job done. Visit our website ( or call 1-800-348-9085 for your free estimate.

Please note: Due to current events and our commitment to social distancing. Collision 1 Inc. can provide estimates via photos and pick up your vehicle and deliver it to your shop so you do not have to leave your house.