Auto Body Like It Never Happened

Seattle Auto Body Repair Expert Explains – Safety & Repairs During Covid-19

September 7, 2020

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Do you remember that crumpled fender you’ve been talking about getting auto body collision repairs on for over a year? Right now, during the COVID-19 pandemic may actually be the best time for any auto body collision repairs and that you may have had in mind and just putting off.

Why You’re Reluctant

Throughout these unpredictable days of the pandemic, you’ve acquired a natural reluctance to venture out into the world for almost any reason, even if your auto needed auto body repairs. You tend to think of bodywork, especially collision repair, as non-essential. Plus, you know that the Corona Virus is still out there and a danger to everyone that does not perform the correct “social distancing” precautions. Chances are, you haven’t dealt with an auto body shop or a collision repair center recently, and it may seem to you that being in the middle of a pandemic is not the best time to hire an auto body shop to perform auto body collision repair services. Dealing with auto bodywork is never 100% easy and Collision 1 is working hard to make repairs during the Covid-19 with “social distancing” seamlessly in place so as not to provide a reason to procrastinate.

Why This Is a Safe Time for Collision Repair

Professionally run auto body repair shops, like our Collision 1 locations, understand the normal stresses of seeking the right auto body shop for collision repairs. We know that our current dilemma has added an extra degree of reluctance and perhaps even a bit of fearfulness as well. We also know your need to get the collision damage to your auto repaired. In order to make your auto repair experience safe and stress-free, we’ve undertaken some steps that will make this experience safe and worry-free from beginning to end.

• First of all, you can have no doubt that Collision 1 is open for business and will be here for you when you need our services for collision repair.
You don’t have to leave your house. We will gladly come to your home, pick up your vehicle, and bring it to Collision 1 for needed auto body repair.
• We’ll furnish a prompt estimate of costs over the phone.
Your car will be repaired with the highest quality of workmanship, parts, and technology.
• When we’re finished with your auto bodywork and collision repairs, your beautifully restored, and sanitized vehicle will be free from both collision defects and the Corona Virus.

Why This Is a Perfect Time for Collision Repair

Auto body repair is typically a real inconvenience. There is the time commitment required to find the best collision repair center, which also often entails traveling from one auto body shop to another to get estimates. There is a transportation headache of getting your vehicle to the auto body shop. While the repair is ongoing, there is the hassle of finding alternate transportation like renting a vehicle or doubling up for rides. Once the collision repair is complete, there is the inconvenience of getting to the shop to pick up your car.

As inconvenient as the pandemic has been for everyone, one of the few saving graces has been additional free time to take care of projects you’ve been putting off. If your auto has a ding, a dent, or needs a significant collision repair, you may never have a more convenient time to send it to your auto body repair shop, Collision 1, Inc.

Why Collision 1 Is the Right Collision Repair Center for You

At Collision 1, our motto is also our priority, our guiding principle, and the gold standard for all auto body repair shops: “Auto body like it never happened.” During its stay with us, your vehicle will be cared for safely and professionally. All of our locations have been certified through VeriFacts, and our technicians receive ongoing training through I-CAR. This means we use the latest repair technology with cutting edge equipment for collision repair. We are so confident you will find our work excellent that we provide you one of the most comprehensive warranties offered in the state, which includes any warranty provided by the manufacturer of your new auto body replacement parts.

Why Quality Is in Our Heritage

Three independent auto body repair shops decided to pool their expertise, share their expenses, and raise the bar for auto body repair throughout the Seattle area 40 years ago. In order to build a strong brand name, these founders knew it was essential to establish a set of operating principles that stand out for quality, workmanship, and customer satisfaction. They achieved their ideals in creating Collision 1 Inc.: Auto Body Like It Never Happened.

From the beginning, 1 Collision has been committed not just to the highest quality of auto body collision repair but also to offering quality care to your—our customers. As part of our commitment to offering you the best customer service possible, we provide a lifetime auto body repair warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Whether there is a pandemic or not, we won’t leave you stranded. We provide shuttle services to your home. While collisions always take you by surprise, we help soften the blow by providing immediate car rental services, with delivery and pick up at your convenience.

Why Auto Body Collision Repair with 1 Collision is Easy

There are seven simple steps you can follow when you find yourself needed auto body repair on your auto:

1. Contact your auto insurance company which will give you a claim number (let us know if you need help talking to your insurer).
2. Drop your auto off at Collision 1 Inc. (we can handle arranging tow trucks or home pick up; remember, we can shuttle you from the site of the collision).
3. We examine the damage and give the appraisal to your insurer for approval.
4. We begin the repair process by bringing in any needed replacement parts (and we give you an expected completion date).
5. Your auto is pressure washed, chemically cleaned, prepped, primed, sanded, sealed, and given a world-class painting (we use the finest painting technology available).
6. Time for the finishing touches: trim, all operational systems, all extras are checked. Your auto is inspected and taken for a test drive (and we set up a time for you to receive it).
7. Your vehicle is ready, just like it never happened!

Why We’re Closer Than You Think

Chances are you’ve driven by several of our five locations that are positioned throughout the Seattle area from Northgate to Centralia. Each of our auto body repair shops utilizes the same hygienic, sanitation practices and provides the same friendly, professional customer service. We look forward to serving you at Collision 1 Inc.