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Subaru Certified Collision Center – Certified Subaru Repairs: No matter if you follow the rules of the road perfectly in your Subaru, anyone is susceptible to accidents on the road. A fallen tree, another distracted driver, or anything out of your control could potentially cause you a car accident. A frustrating reality that most drivers need to face someday. It’s important to realize the best approach to take if you are ever in an accident with your Subaru. One of the most important factors to consider during a need to repair your Subaru vehicle is where you will get the needed repairs done. Any mechanic could take a look at your car, but only Subaru Certified Collision Centers can guarantee the proper repairs that make your car feel brand new again.

First, it’s important to know your rights to repair as a customer if you ever get into an accident with your Subaru vehicle. No matter who the insurance provider is, the customer has the right to choose where they can repair their Subaru vehicle. In addition to that, the customer has the right to request that only genuine Subaru parts are used if permitted by the insurance policy. This allows the customer to not be pulled in the wrong direction when it comes to getting the proper Subaru repairs in order to save the insurance company money. Due to this, there is a chance that not all certified Subaru parts will be covered by your insurance company.

Collision 1 – Auto Body Repair Shop that can provide Subaru Certified Repairs for any accident you have in a Subaru vehicle. Subaru Certified Collision Centers provide the proper training, procedures, and Subaru parts to make sure your Subaru comes out of the shop looking factory new. Having the necessary tools and equipment is vital for any Subaru Certified Collision Repair Center to perform the proper work on your vehicle. The only way you can guarantee an original factory new look after an accident is to visit a Subaru Certified Collision Repair Center like Collision 1.

When repairing your Subaru vehicle, the replacement parts you choose can significantly change your vehicle. Subaru vehicles are fitted with industry-leading safety systems in order to make sure all occupants are safe in the event of a crash. Our goal is to guarantee that your car is just as safe as the day in was built in the factory. Certified Subaru collision replacement parts are engineered to be identical to meet the extremely strict quality and safety standards of factory-new certified parts. When you replace parts with generic replacements, this could compromise the built-in safety features of the vehicle, such as Crash-Avoidance Capabilities. 

Another important reason to consider getting Subaru certified parts is that they are ensured to last. Aftermarket collision replacement parts are not guaranteed to last as long as certified Subaru parts, which can compromise the safety of your vehicle and cost you even more money in the long run. For example, engineers have tested and proved that genuine Subaru body panels and bumpers perform their safety functions better than the aftermarket alternatives and keep their factory appearance in real-world conditions. 

On top of lasting longer, being safer, and looking original, using Subaru certified repair parts will ensure that you keep all Subaru factory warranties even after seeing a mechanic. Using aftermarket parts will void any warranties the factory still honors at that point in time. In addition, using genuine Subaru parts will help you retain the resale value of your vehicle. If you plan to sell your vehicle at some point, the best option is to repair and maintain it with the properly certified parts. 

In conclusion, it is in the best interest of any Subaru owner to get their repairs done at a Subaru Certified Collision Center. Using aftermarket parts can compromise the safety and longevity of your vehicle and are not guaranteed to have the appearance of factory new parts. Maintaining your vehicle’s resale value and keeping factory warranties, there is almost no reason to use aftermarket Subaru repair parts besides saving money. That money saved could easily mean more problems and, more importantly, more money spent down the line. Using aftermarket parts is a short term solution to a long term problem.

Collision 1 proudly offers Subaru Certified Collision Centers & Subaru Repair in Auburn, Bonney Lake, and Centralia, Washington. If you are wondering, “Is there a Subaru Certified Collision Repair Center near me?”, then you are in luck! Chances are you’ve driven by one of our three locations throughout Seattle’s Northwest Puget Sound, from Bonney Lake to Centralia. We have established ourselves as a local leader in workmanship, quality, and customer service and would like to perform the proper repairs on your Subaru vehicle.

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