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What Happens at an Auto Body Estimate?

May 1, 2018

So you’ve had an accident, and you need some body repairs done…

I’ll walk you through and let you know how this all gets done, so you are at ease when you come into our shop.

Once you come to the front office, and you’ve signed in, they will designate you to a certain estimator who will walk you out to your vehicle. He will ask you for your keys for a picture of the VIN and ODO for insurance purposes. Afterwards, he will walk around the vehicle with you so that you can point out where the accident damage is. He will then take some photos. Once this is done, you will proceed back into the office, and he will write up an estimate for you.

He will then go over the estimate with you in detail; explaining to you what the terminology means, so that you are understanding of what happens once you leave. The estimate process takes usually about 30 minutes. We do try to get you out as soon as we can. We will schedule you in for an appointment for your repairs, get the parts ordered up for you, you’ll bring your vehicle in, and we’ll take care of everything from there for you.

Our goal is to get you back into your car as soon as possible, and to have you be happy when you leave riding in your car that looks brand new with no sign that an accident ever happened.

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